Where can I have my treatment?

I offer clients the choice of coming to my relaxing treatment room in Stoneleigh, near Epsom or staying in their own home. If you opt for a home visit, I will bring all the equipment required with me including a special reclining chair, towels and relaxing music.

My treatment room in Stoneleigh

What happens during a treatment?

Treatment begins by going through a health questionnaire together to identify the key areas of importance for the client. You will take off your shoes and socks and be seated on a comfortable reclining chair and covered with a blanket. The feet will be gently massaged and this is normally a very relaxing experience. Occasionally you may feel areas of tenderness on the feet, this is usually an indication of an imbalance in the area of the body to which that part of the foot relates. Reflexology uses a map of the body which is reflected on the feet to detect imbalances and massaging these areas aims to restore balance to the body. Thai Foot Massage involves the gentle stretching and massaging of the feet and lower legs so loose fitting trousers or shorts are recommended. Many people fall asleep during their treatment as it is very relaxing.

How will I feel after a treatment?

Reflexology aims to re-balance the body, reduce tension, improve the blood supply and eliminate toxins so sometimes after your first treatment the body will start a de-tox process. This can involve you feeling lethargic, having a headache and going to the toilet more often. This is a natural process and will come on within 24 hours of the treatment. It doesn’t happen to all clients but it is good to be aware of the symptoms in case you do experience it. The key thing to do if you are de-toxing is to drink plenty of water and remember that these symptoms signify that your body is cleansing itself which is a positive thing.