I offer private reflexology treatments either in Stoneleigh (near Epsom) or as home visits in the areas of South West London and North Surrey.  I also offer Seated Chair massage (also known as Acupressure Massage) and Thai Foot Massage.  I have also created my own unique Thai Foot Fusion reflexology treatment, which blends the wellbeing support of a reflexology treatment with the relaxation of a Thai Foot massage to create 90 minutes of bliss.

Clients come to see me with a huge range of health issues whilst some people come purely for an hour of relaxation where they can recharge their batteries. You don’t need to be ill to feel the benefits of reflexology!

I specialise in maternity reflexology, including the preparation for labour and also working with babies who are back to back or breech. For preparation for labour work, it is best to start having treatments a few weeks before your due date so your body is already in tune with the therapy before the final countdown begins!

I see lots of clients who are struggling to conceive and find reflexology helps reduce their stress levels at this difficult time. I have undergone several training courses specifically focussed on this subject and it is something I am very passionate about.

Baby Reflex is a short course where parents are taught simple reflexology techniques that may help alleviate the symptoms of many ailments common to young children and babies.

Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 people. Reflexology is a great tool to help improve wellbeing for those suffering with anxiety, high stress levels and depression. I am trained in Mindful Reflexology which is specifically aimed to help in this area.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is a specialised form of treatment that I trained in during 2016. It aims to improve the circulation of the lymph around the body and many clients have found it beneficial for their swollen feet.

Pamper parties can be arranged so you and your friends can enjoy the de-stressing benefits of Thai Foot Massage, a tension relieving chair massage or the relaxation of a reflexology treatment in the comfort and convenience of the home environment.

Cath Kidston, Allianz Insurance, Willis Towers Watson, Tchibo, Hatch and the BBC are amongst the companies I have worked with to provide an onsite Wellbeing at Work service to their staff.

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