I suffer from IBS and did initially wonder how well the treatment would suit me, but it was amazing. Each session was very relaxing and I always left feeling totally calm. Yvonne is very approachable and easy to talk to. Thoroughly recommend this treatment path.


I found each session to be a really soothing and relaxing experience. I found that the culmination of sessions made my specific condition improve, which was the ultimate hope - and I can't wait to book some more!


The treatments help ease the stresses of everyday living & reduced the discomfort of the menopause for me.


I would just like to say thank you so much. I came to you back in October with a neck problem that had been causing me trouble since a trip on a rollercoaster ride at Easter. After one session my neck was feeling so much better and it has improved so much with continued treatments. I have forgotten I ever had a problem. Having never had reflexology before and not really knowing anything about it - I have been most impressed.


I didn't really know what to expect when I booked the course but I was looking to help my baby who was suffering with wind and only passing stools every 3-4 days. The course was so easy to follow with very helpful notes. My baby starting passing stools every day once I had learnt the techniques and it has made such a difference to her. The techniques I learnt to calm and sooth my baby were so effective that they worked instantly and she fell asleep while I was doing them! I was looking for something that I could do to bond with my youngest but what I found was something I could do with her older brother too. A really worthwhile course, thoroughly enjoyable, techniques that can be easily used on the go and a useful tool for any parent.


I started seeing Yvonne after I found out my baby was extended breech (at 30 weeks) and I had tried all the different positions to try and turn him naturally without success. I actually only had one treatment to try and turn the baby, just before my 36 week scan, and was extremely pleased to find out baby had moved head down ready for birth. I continued to have further sessions with Yvonne during my pregnancy and found them both relaxing and worthwhile. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my friends.


Following a miscarriage it was taking a long time to get pregnant again. My cycle was all over the place and I was also struggling emotionally as the due date of my miscarried pregnancy was approaching. Yvonne helped my body to rebalance and I started to feel emotionally in control again. Yvonne was able to tell me when she could feel my body was ready to conceive again and I did - in the very next cycle. I continued with reflexology throughout my pregnancy and when I was told by my midwife the baby was back to back Yvonne tried a special technique to try and turn the baby and I am pleased to say it worked! I had a smooth pregnancy apart from some backache and believe it or not, the best thing was the birth! I had heard that reflexology during pregnancy can have a positive effect on delivery. Having had a difficult first birth, which was another back to back baby, I had to be induced and ended up as an emergency C-section I would say this second experience was VERY positive! I had a spontaneous labour lasting just three and a half hours from first contraction to birth, using only gas and air. I now have a gorgeous baby girl and have already started the baby reflex course!


I had regular sessions with Yvonne throughout my pregnancy and each session left me feeling more balanced, relaxed and more in touch with my growing baby. She eased my early nausea and I was able to see where my baby was in my pelvis before my bump was showing! My final trimester brought heartburn which Yvonne relieved for weeks at a time. My baby was having such a good time I had to be induced and I believe the reflexology helped me have the most amazing, quick, natural birth (TENS & entonox) and for my daughter to be a calm, contented baby and an amazing sleeper at 4 weeks. I consider Yvonne an essential part of my postnatal support network and have continued reflexology. In fact I don't think I can give her up!


Having gone overdue with my first pregnancy which ended in being induced and a ventouse delivery, I was desperate to avoid being induced again as I wanted a quicker and more natural birth. I decided to have a number of sessions throughout my pregnancy which helped me relax and manage the stress of my job. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had more frequent sessions to ‘tune’ my body into the reflexology and give the ‘induction’ sessions a greater chance of working. I then had ‘induction’ sessions. I began to experience irregular contractions following my 4th session and went into spontaneous labour 3 days later. The labour and delivery were quick and natural (gas and air only) which I attribute to the reflexology as this was a totally different experience to my first labour. Additionally my daughter was a fantastic sleeper – again a different experience perhaps also linked to the reflexology.


I sought reflexology from Yvonne late in pregnancy to help with severe SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain). I was using crutches to get around and on a bad day the pain was excruciating and I had to drag my bare feet feet along the floor and could barely move. Yvonne's treatment targeted my pelvis. As well as being incredibly relaxing, after the second treatment the decrease in pain I was experiencing was marked. Overnight it went from around 7-8/10 to 3-4/10, and I was even able wear slippers and pick my feet up a little for the first time in many days. My husband was very surprised by the improvement he could see in my mobility. Unsurprisingly I also felt a lot happier in myself. Following a treatment in which Yvonne focused also on turning my baby, my midwife confirmed that the baby had indeed moved to a left occiput anterior position which is optimal for birth. My most recent appointment involved priming for labour and I am confident that this will indeed help with gearing up my body for the imminent arrival...! I only wish I had been using reflexology earlier in my pregnancy; I will certainly be going along for postnatal sessions in due course.


I was told the baby was breech over several midwife appointments and had been doing all the positions that had been suggested without success. A couple of people had suggested Reflexology but having never tried it I was sceptical. I found Yvonne online and noticed that she had worked with breech babies before, so booked up an appointment. The consultation was brilliant as she really explained everything and how the reflexology worked, everything was very positive but she made no promises that it would work first time or at all. The treatment was lovely and very relaxing and I could feel the baby moving lots, I didn't dream that it would be instant. I was told by two midwives that the baby had turned by my next appointment, I even had a hospital appointment to double check and it was head down! I was so impressed!! I've since had a general pregnancy appointment with Yvonne, focusing on my heartburn and swelling which really seemed to do the trick and now I am 38 weeks I'm going to book a 'priming for labour' appointment. I'm so pleased the results of the reflexology and would recommend Yvonne to anyone, pregnant or not - its a lovely treatment!


I was 36 weeks pregnant when a scan showed that my baby was engaged in the back to back position, the sonographer said there wasn't much chance that the baby would move and that it would just be a different kind of labour. Having heard several friends' stories of their back to back labours I decided not to leave it to chance and to find a reflexologist that could help as I was determined to do everything I could to prevent a long and difficult labour. I found Yvonne via Google as could see she had turned back to back babies before, I travelled half an hour away to see Yvonne even though there were local reflexologists to me. Yvonne didn't guarantee that the baby would move so I wasn't under any false hope but I was willing to try anything. In each session it was very obvious the baby was trying to move, I could feel and could see huge movements. The reflexology was very relaxing and not at all uncomfortable. I had 3 sessions with Yvonne between weeks 37 and 38 and am delighted to say that she did manage to turn my baby around! I will be eternally grateful as I then went on to have a wonderful and natural labour experience in a birth pool just as I had hoped for. Thank you Yvonne!


I always feel very relaxed and confident about myself after every session I have with Yvonne! She goes that extra mile to ensure that you are at ease and relaxed, Yvonne helped me identify the cause of my stress and how I could cut it down. Being mindful and the journalling that was recommended has really helped. Not only do you get reflexology but a little bit of therapy too.


I've been highly stressed and sleep deprived and after seeing her I am able to sleep soundly and stay grounded. I felt so completely rested after our last session, I felt like a new woman! I've tried various alternative treatments with various practitioners and can say, hand on heart, Yvonne and reflexology is what's working best for me. I'm so glad I found her!


Thank you, Yvonne, for keeping me migraine-free for the past six months. I know that I did not initially seek treatment for migraines, but this has been a fantastic result for me; I have felt so much healthier without the chaos migraines cause to both my personal and professional life. Your treatments always leave me feeling more relaxed and ensure that both my mind and body are ready to cope with what life throws at me.


At 38 weeks pregnant I was devastated to hear that my baby was in a transverse lie position. The hospital's advice was for me to be admitted immediately so they could book me in for a cesarean section and monitor me more closely in the meantime, given the increased risk of a cord prolapse should I go into early labour. Before agreeing to this path of treatment I wanted to at least try to turn the baby naturally. On the recommendation of a friend who is an experienced hypno-birthing coach and doula, I approached Yvonne to see if reflexology could help turn my baby to the optimal "head down" position. From that initial approach Yvonne was fantastic. She understood the urgency and arranged to come and treat me at my home. I had several sessions in close succession and Yvonne also coached me on particular pressure points and exercises for my husband to do in between. After about a week of intensive treatment I was thrilled when the midwives confirmed that baby had indeed turned. I was able to go on to have the natural birth I was determined to have. I attribute massive thanks to Yvonne for making this possible.


If you’re looking to experience the benefits of maternity reflexology, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Yvonne. She has supported me through pre-conception and is currently supporting my pregnancy. In my experience this treatment has without doubt helped to harmonise my mind, body and spirit... here’s hoping it continues to do so after my baby arrives! My advice? Put your feet in Yvonne's capable hands, you won't be disappointed!


Reflexology has had such a beneficial effect on my daily life, people started to comment on me going back to the happy fun person I was years ago - something I hadn't even noticed had changed but just one hour a week of time for me has really helped. The relaxing and anxiety managing techniques she has taught me as well as the stress reduction she has done have been such a bonus.


Just wanted to say that, after my first session the other day, I had a period that for the first time in years did not involve uncontrollable pain. It was still painful, but I could handle it. This felt like a real breakthrough for me. The only thing I can think of that may of helped was the reflexology - so I'm delighted and will try and make another session soon 🙂


Having regular reflexology has helped me massively. It has given me a mega immune system and also pretty much eradicated a long term health complaint in a matter of months. I love the relaxation part of it too, with my life being as busy as it is, it gives me an hour of time which is just for me and I can stop thinking about work, food shopping and housework.


I have been having reflexology with Yvonne for just over a year now. I've found sessions to be really beneficial, both in terms of managing stress and for my general well being. Yvonne is very informative and tailors each session to what will benefit me most at the time. It's an hour of pure relaxation where I can focus on nothing but enjoying the treatment. If you haven't tried reflexology, I would highly recommend it!